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Getting started with the Freelance design set:


May 29, 2022

Before getting started with enjoying the design set. You need to know a few things up front.

  1. When you import the design set it will look differently visually. This is because of the default setting of Automatic CSS. Once you've made the necessary changes it will look just like the design we created. We will explain to you later how to set things up.
  2. The nav links do not skip to the designated sections. This is due to the fact that Oxygen generates an unique ID name after importing the design set. This will surely break the functionality. All we need to do is restore it.
  3. Show/Hide header does not work. This is due to the same issue as with the nav links.

Oxygen settings

First let's make sure we customize the oxygen settings to get things looking like the freelance protfolio example.

Go to automatic css > Viewport

Set the viewport Max to 1440px.

For colors you can choose the colors of your brand or just wing it.

Set typographic scale to Golden ratio
"L" Text Size (Desktop): 2.4 rem
"XL" Text Size (Desktop): 4.499 rem
"XXL" Text Size (Desktop): 6.65 rem

Set Spacing Scale to Perfect Fifith
Top/Bottom Button Padding 1em
Button Border Size 1px

Base radius 20px

Nav links and Show/Hide header fix.

Please watch the following video to fix the nav links and show/hide header issue.