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Built your next Oxygen project 50% faster

Our goal is to save you time when building in Oxygen. If we end up inspiring you then that’s a bonus.

The benefits of our products
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The benefits of our products

Building the same block over and over can be tedious, we strive to simplify and make this process easier. If we can save you 50% on your building time then that's a big win for us!

Tweaking breakpoints is a thing of the past.

Tweaking your website build at different breakpoints is a thing of the past. All our blocks and design sets are automatically responsive due to the awesomeness of Automatics CSS.
Oxymaven Origin Automatically responsive
Oxymaven Origin increases revenue

Optimizing your building process.

We feel like we are repeating ourselves here, but you should really try our product. It will surely reduce your building time.

Saving you time and making you money.

How happy would your clients be if you finished the project quicker than planned? Our pre-made blocks will decrease the turnaround time of your projects.
Oxymaven Origin decreases turnaround time
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Meet the creator

Hey there!

My name is Eduware Izekor, I live in Belgium and I own a agency(Yellowseed) together with my wife. I came across Oxygen 2 years ago and I was immediatly sold on it. Since then I have been using it to build websites for my clients.

I've been thinking of ways to optimize my building process by not starting every project from scratch. Before Automatic CSS came on the scene, I was already working on the idea of creating a block library I could use on every new project as to accelerate and optimize my building process.

Enter Oxymaven

Our goal with the pre-made blocks built with Oxygen and styled with Automatic CSS is to simply save you time. If you know, you know.

I'm looking forward to this is new adventure and I hope our products help you create more value for your customers. Happy building!
Custom design sets

What are you waiting for? Check out our products.

Save thousands of hours with our custom-made design sets and basic building blocks.